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Vinyl Rainwater Harvesting Kit Manufacturer

There are a number of rainwater harvesting kits available from manufacturers and installers, ranging from small tanks to larger ones. If you have the know-how then it is possible to install the system yourself, but it pays to know what you are looking for.

Below Ground and Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting Kits

You can opt for one that sits above ground at the side of the house or building or one that is buried in the garden. If you are opting for one that is below ground you will need to take into account the cost of digging and installation. If you are opting for a gravity fed rainwater harvesting kit, or a hybrid, then you also need to find out if your loft space or roof can take the weight of a full tank on it.
Rainwater Harvesting kit Manufacturers
Vinyl offers both kind of Rainwater Harvesting Kit.

Features of Rainwater Harvesting System

  • Designed for roof sizes up to a maximum of 800 sq meters
  • For installation in a pilot shaft or against the wall in frost-protected areas
  • Available pre-installed in pilot shaft
  • Two step cleaning system independent of flow rate ensuring high filtering efficiency.
  • Filter cartridge location assists continuous removal of dirt
  • Suitable for 110mm (4”) and 160mm (6”) down pipes.
  • Filter unit weight 16 kg
  • Siphon overflow with skimming inlet
  • Siphon overflow pipe to fit a 130 mm hole in storage tank wall
  • Calmed inlet to prevent incoming water disturbing any sediment in tank
  • Calmed inlet also ensures fresh water is supplied to lower area of the tank resulting in complete and regular replenishment of stored water

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