Friction less surface

friction less pipes

Energy Saving

energy saving

Maximum Load Capacity

maximum load capacity of casing pipes

Cost Effective

cost effective uPVC pipes

100% Leak Proof

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Corrosion Free

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Lead Free and Heavy Metal Free

Heavy Metal Free uPVC Pipes

High Izod Impact Strength

High Izod Impact Strength

Highest Quality uPVC Piezometric Pipes Manufacturer

Vinyl always cares for the environment and offers an extensive range of products for all activities relating to the monitoring of the subsoil. The Piezometric/Geotechnical pipes meet the many needs of the field, from the study and serving of contaminated sites to analysis and monitoring of underground water (e.g. piezometric head of groundwater).

uPVC Piezometric/Geotechnical pipes allow to investigate contaminated sites and to monitor underground waters (piezometric reading of groundwater tables). These filters are available in many diameters and different slot dimensions in the relation of ground size. These pipes allow problems associated with monitoring underground water to be resolved.

Vinyl’s uPVC Piezometric/Geotechnical pipes allow problems associated with the study and investigation of contaminated sites and groundwater monitoring are performed simply and securely without any risk of contamination of sample collected.

uPVC Piezometric Pipes

Screen and Casing for Environmental Monitoring Wells

upvc piezometric pipes details
  • Quality pipe for well installations
  • Sleeved in a biodegradable* plastic wrap for more sustainability. A first in Australia for reducing plastic waste and helping the environment
  • Available in 50mm (PN18) and 100mm (PN12) sizes
  • 25mm Schedule 40 casing and screen also stocked
  • Well designed caps to suit
  • Bottom end caps available, including the universal 'FlexiPoint 50'.

* Biodegradation of sleeving has been verified by an independent laboratory using ASTM D5511 for anaerobic landfill conditions.

Standard slot width range showing average percentage open area

Ext (Inch)

Int (mm)

Spessore Thickness (mm)

Ext Sleeve/Socket (mm)

Thread Types

Length of Itme

Weight (Kg/mt)

1/2" 15.9 2.6 26 Gas 0-3 0.2
3/4" 21.3 2.6 30 Gas 0-3 0.3
1" 26.7 3.3 40 Gas 0-3 0.5
1"1/2 (42 mm) 34.6 3.7 49 Gas 0-3 0.7
1"1/2 (48 mm) 40 4 55 Gas 0-3 0.8
2" 51.6 4.2 65 Gas/Trapzod. 6-3 1.1
2"1/2 66 2.5 81 Gas/Trapzod. 6-3 1.6
3" 79 5 95 Gas/Trapzod. 6-3 2
4" 103.4 5.3 120 Gas/Trapzod. 6-3 2.9