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Introducing Column Pipes

Column pipes are the main delivery pipes in the water well. They are used to hang the submersible pump inside the well and deliver the pumped out water to the surface for usage. Needless to say, Column pipes are mission-critical for a water well/ borewell project.

Being mission-critical to the well piping system, column pipes have to be chosen with care. They need to be durable, long-lasting and require minimal to no maintenance. The answer lies in Vinyl uPVC Column Pipes

Why is durability important?

Well, column pipes take the load of the entire system comprising of: pipes, pumps and motors and cable, along with the weight of water that rushes through the pipes. 

They bear the pressure of water while operating and water hammer while starting and shutting down of pumps. They also need to endure the torque and jerks produced by the pumps.

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What Makes Vinyl Column Pipes The Best Mate For Your Submersible Pumps ?

100% Resistance to corrosion: No Rust = Clean Water

column pipe

0 Zero maintenance cost: No corrosion. No coating needed

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5x High Durability: High tensile strength makes them strong and reliable

column pipe

60% Cost-effective: 60% cheaper than iron or steel pipes.

column pipe

1/6 The Weight of iron or steel pipes: Extremely lightweight enables easy installation, transportation, handling, and replacement.

column pipe

Save 23% Energy: Frictional less surface. Enables easy flow of water, needing lesser energy consumption.

column pipe

100% Free from leakage: Patented Powerlock ensures 100% Leakproof and load-proof column pipes.

column pipe

High value: Recyclable with a periodicity value increase of 7%


Excellent Compounding
The Vinyl uPVC column pipes have a composition of:
pvc well casing ribbed screens as per IS 12818

Polyvinyl Chloride: Made of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride they are lightweight yet tough.

Explicit operating parameters: Keeping efficient functioning in mind, these pipes are prepared with Carbide quoted screw tooling. They are also made to undergo Annealing to ensure the longevity of the pipes.

Adaptable designing: These pipes are specially manufactured for adapting to high pressure. They are also thickened for adjusting in large depths.

High tensile strength: To bear high resistance towards pressure, these water pipes have high tensile strength and load capacity. They also have high mechanical strength.

Thick and thin: The thick and thin portions of the Vinyl column pipes have been developed in a way to absorb the full torque produced due to the motor thus resulting in longevity.

Safe and suitable for huge depths: These uPVC Vinyl Column Pipes have been designed for depths of up to 1400 ft.

They are 200% stronger than steel pipes. uPVC pipes are efficiently manufactured to make them light in weight without any compromise in their strength essentials.
Column Pipes from Vinyl have low friction which enables them to get more water. After a specific period of usage, the steel pipes tend to get corroded and eventually the quality of water degrades. Since there is no issue of corrosion or rust in Vinyl Column Pipes, the quality of water remains good.

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  • Effect of Temperate and is PVC Fire safe?

  • What are the benefits of uPVC pipes?

Vinyl Pipes

Choose uPVC Column Pipes for Your Water Management Projects the Future of Water

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