Pair uPVC Column Pipes with

Special formulation of uPVC Column Pipe

Why Choose uPVC Column Pipes Over Steel Pipes?

BI Axial Orientation

This makes the bore well pipes thicker at the threading end to compensate for material removal due to thread creation, providing much higher strength.

BI Axial Orientation

Stress-free Pipe

Every pipe is tested under high temperatures and goes through an Annealing process to align all the materials and improve its mechanical property.

100% metal-free

Not only is the uPVC compound lead and heavy metal-free, but the special high friction thread developed by Vinyl makes it 100% leak-proof as well.

100 % metal free column pipes

Comes with
Patented Power Lock

Made with an aerospace engineering plastic grade, this power lock works as a restraining member between pipes and coupling. It keeps the pipes 100% load, leak and jerk proof.

Power Lock in Column PIpes


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Choose uPVC Column Pipes for Your Water Management Projects

Available from 1" To 6", suitable upto 45 Bars and 1400 Fts.