Friction less surface

Energy Saving

Maximum Load Capacity

Cost Effective

100% Leak Proof

Corrosion Free

Lead Free and Heavy Metal Free

High Izod Impact Strength

Vinyl offers Highest Quality uPVC Column Pipes with power lock technology for submersible pumps, with pipes ranging from 1” to 6” suitable up to depth of 1400 feet / 350 meters. The power lock and LPR ensures that the column pipes are torque-proof, stress-proof, leak-proof and load-proof.

Vinyl uPVC column pipes are designed to serve you for over 50 years. All our column pipes are:

  • 200% stronger
  • 23% efficient
  • 60% cheaper
  • Safe for health

Vinyl’s objective is to creating a sustaining life on the remotest part of the globe, creating you Bore Wealth by providing:

  • No Water – To Water
  • No Agriculture – To Agriculture
  • No Society – To Society
  • No Health – To Health

The reason for strength of our pipes:

1. Compounding

  • 92% pvc polymer content
  • 5% to 8% reinforcing uncoated Nano Calcium
  • 4% titanium and other high impact modifiers for blend

2. Processing

  • Precise operating parameters
  • Biaxially oriented Extrusion dies for high tensile
  • Carbide quoted screw tooling

3. Designing

  • Super heavy thickness for depths
  • High pressure
  • LPR
  • Power lock
  • Stress balanced
  • Thick thin

Highest Quality uPVC Column Pipe

Vinyl has developed 100% metals free uPVC Column Pipe for submersible pumps. Not only is the uPVC compound Lead-Free and Heavy Metal Free, but the Special High Friction Thread developed by Vinyl also avoids the use of metal pin, thus giving Metal-Free Leak-Proof Column Pipe.

This unique orientation technique has been developed in the Research and Development (R&D) Lab of Vinyl. This orientation technique is used during uPVC Column pipe extrusion to get higher drop impact and notch impact strength for the uPVC Column Pipe.

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Did you know?

PVC is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer.

Stress-free Pipe

The uPVC pipes undergo a series of process and high temperate before they reach the customers. So, we ensure they reach you stress-free even if it means to take an extra step. But it is to give you trouble-free product. Thus, every drop pipe undergoes an Annealing process where all the materials are aligned to improve the mechanical property and the life of the product.

uPVC Column Pipe Property, Unit & Standard

Specific Gravity 1.4 gms/cm³ as per ASTM D 1785
Tensile Strength 627 kg/cm² as per ASTM D 1785
Flexural Strength 647 kg/cm² as per ASTM D 1785
Izod Impact Strength 15 kg – cm/cm² as per ASTM D 1785
Charpy Impact Strength 17 kg – cm/cm² as per ASTM D 1785
Impact Strength No Fracture
Vicat Softening Temperature 87.3˚C as per ASTM D 1525

Dimensions Details

Nominal Diameter   Safe Allowable Hydrostatic Load        
mm Inch V4/Express Medium Standard Heavy Super Heavy
25 1″ 15 kg/cm² 16 kg/cm² 30 kg/cm²
32 1 ¼” 15 kg/cm² 16 kg/cm² 25 kg/cm² 35 kg/cm²
40 1 ½” 15 kg/cm² 16 kg/cm² 26 kg/cm² 35 kg/cm²
50 2″ 10 kg/cm² 15 kg/cm² 25 kg/cm² 27 kg/cm² 35 kg/cm²
65 2 ½” 10 kg/cm² 12 kg/cm² 17 kg/cm² 26 kg/cm² 35 kg/cm²
75 3″ 10 kg/cm² 11 kg/cm² 17 kg/cm² 26 kg/cm² 35 kg/cm²
100 4″ 10 kg/cm² 11 kg/cm² 15 kg/cm² 26 kg/cm² 35 kg/cm²

BI Axial Orientation

BI Axial Orientation developed with years of R&D and studying the market demand. Vinyl has introduced the latest technology in High impact uPVC Column threaded pipes, which are popularly known as Column pipe / Riser pipe / Drop Pipe or uPVC Column pipe - Pipes for Submersible pumps and Bore well application.

Wall thickness

This is another invention of the R&D Lab of Vinyl. This technique ensures the uPVC column pipes are made thicker at the ‘Threading’ end to compensate the material loss due to thread creation. This technique reduces the consumption of raw materials and at the same time provides more strength to the uPVC column pipes.

Thick and Thin

Unique thick & thin construction of riser pipes: This innovative technique is for making the bore well pipes thicker at the threading end to compensate for material removal due to thread creation. The residual thickness (t) at the pipe-end after removal of the thread is same as the barrel thickness (t), ensuring the riser pipe strength remains the same. This technique saves on the raw material consumption and at the same time provides much higher strength to the Bore pipes.

Special formulation of uPVC Column Pipe

High tensile, high-impact uPVC Column Pipes are made with special design formulation. This design makes the pipe capable of handling both the internal hydrostatic pressure as well as the huge vertical tensile load, resulting from the column and pump weight. The special formulation ensures that the threads do not become brittle or get chipped off even after repeated loosening and/or tightening during their lifetime. Special raw materials are used in a very well defined processing technique to make these column pipes.

Vinyl column pipes have a dual functional to perform. On one hand, these pipes have to withstand the hydrostatic pressure of the pump delivery. This pressure is maximum in the first pipe connected to the pump and can run as high as 35 Kg/cm 2. And on the other hand, the top-most pipe has to bear the load of the entire column filled with water along with the weight of the pump. The total load may be close to 2 tons. This dual load application is a unique feature and requires special manufacturing techniques. These techniques are available only with Vinyl Tubes Pvt. Ltd.