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High Izod Impact Strength

At Vinyl Pipes, we produce top-of-the-line uPVC (vinyl) bore well casing and screen pipes, a full range from 2” to 16”. Our products are provided to distributors globally, directly and through a network of partners.

Vinyl uPVC Casing and Screen Pipes are higher in density than water to serve in good construction. All our casing pipes are:

  • 63% cheaper than iron pipes
  • 23% energy efficient
  • Easier to install
  • Works for more than 50 years
  • Tolerates concentrated acids with pH between 2 and 12
  • Free from metal contamination
  • Recycled and reused for 5 to 70 years

Vinyl’s objective is to creating a sustaining life on the remotest part of the globe, creating you Bore Wealth by providing:

  • No Water – To Water
  • No Agriculture – To Agriculture
  • No Society – To Society
  • No Health – To Health

The reason for longevity of our pipes:

1. Compounding

  • 92% pvc polymer content
  • 5% to 8% reinforcing uncoated Nano Calcium
  • 4% titanium and other high impact modifiers for blend

2. Processing

  • Precise operating parameters
  • Biaxially oriented Extrusion dies for high tensile
  • Carbide quoted screw tooling

3. Designing

  • Depending on the application exact outer and inner diameter
  • Outer ribs for extra resistance to collapsible pressure
  • Slot size for maximum open area
  • Threading standards for load-bearing

Highest Quality uPVC Well Casing and Screen Pipes Manufacturer for Water Well Construction

Casing Pipes & Screen Pipes are used for Bore Hole / Bore Well application. It prevents the earth to fill the bore well and the screen allows the water to percolate in the well which can be pumped out with the pump.

Vinyl uPVC Casing & Screen Pipes have higher density than water that provides a clear advantage in good construction. Its yield stress of 55Nlimm is comparatively high. The modulus of elasticity is also high enough to achieve excellent stiffness in pipes, preventing undesired deformation of the pipe.

Corrosion & Bacteria Resistant.

Resistant to all substances dissolved in natural ground waters.

Resistant to aggressive and highly concentrated acids and salts..

Completely resistant to bacteria in water and soil.

uPVC well casing and screen pipes
unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride


PVC-U, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is an ideal material for manufacturing well pipes as it is impervious to corrosion and chemical action, easy to handle and install, light in weight, non-toxic, and non-conductive. Its long service life makes it an economical choice over other materials.

Screen Permeability

The possible production capacity of a well basically depends on the following factors:

Permeability and yield of the water-bearing strata

Permeability of the filtering gravel

Permeability of the good screen

Entrance velocity of the water at the screen

Standard slot width range showing average percentage open area

Average percentage of open area

Standaard Slot Screen (lengtwise)

Continuous Slot PVC Screen (CSS)

4% 0.30 mm 0.30 mm 6%
5% 0.40 mm 0.40 mm 8%
6% 0.50 mm 0.50 mm 10%
9% 0.75 mm 0.75 mm 15%
11% 1.00 mm 1.00 mm 20%
13% 1.25 mm 1.25 mm 25%
16% 1.50 mm 1.50 mm 30%
20% 2.00 mm 2.00 mm 40%
25% 3.00 mm 3.00 mm 50%
28% 4.00 mm

PVC-U Well Casing and Screen pipes for Water Well Construction


Water covers almost three quarters of the earth’s surface and a major portion of this is found in the oceans or frozen in the Polar Regions. Only a small percentage of fresh water is available as surface water in lakes, rivers, streams and as ground water. Ground water is the valuable source and it must be exploited very carefully.

The last fifty years witnessed a global expansion of the water well industry as extraction of water from the wells has become lifeline of industry, agriculture, and drinking water supply in cities, towns and villages.

Well construction products, therefore, play an important role to ensure the highest-quality, efficiency and screens were the natural choice of well design engineers and drillers. However, this material was not always found to be suitable, particularly in conditions where rapid corrosion of pipes, deterioration of screens or formation of bacteria resulted in abandonment of the well.

Synthetic materials that belong to a family of thermoplastics have proven to be the most superior materials for well construction. Among others, unplasticised Polyvinyl chloride (u-PVC) that is ideally suited for use in well construction also belongs to this family of thermoplastics.

PVC-U has higher density than water, which provides a clear advantage in well construction. Its yield stress of 55N/mm is comparatively high. The modulus of elasticity is also high enough to achieve excellent stiffness in pipes preventing undesired deformation of the pipe.

PVC-U is resistance to all substances dissolved in natural ground waters. PVC-U is also resistant to aggressive and highly concentrated acid and salts. Its resistant covers a pH range of water between 2 & 12, due to which the chemical used for cleaning, developing and regenerating the wells (both organic and inorganic) do not affect the PVC-U well pipes. PVC-U is completely resistant to bacteria in water and soil.

Best uPVC Casing Pipes

Tensile Strength

The tensile strength required can be calculated on the basis of pipe weight. In addition to the pipe weight, gravel that gets stuck in the joints during the assembly and settlement phase should be considered in design calculations. The lower load bearing capacity of screen pipes with slots should be considered when developing the well or when pumping (due to large differences in water level). The effect of such pressures cannot be precisely determined. When sinking pipes through clay layers, additional compressive forces are exerted due to swelling clays. This can happen at any depth and in extreme cases may cause considerable strain on the material surface. The values indicated in the tables of this brochure are based on the minimum wall thickness of the pipes, their diameters and material composition.

Impact of Temperature

Temperature conditions prevailing during the laying of PVC-U well pipes will influence the mechanical properties of the material. High temperature between 30° C and 40° C as indicated by the creep strength in relation to time, the PVC-U material properties provide sufficient safety factor for the intended use. It is however important to determine the other influences while encasing the well pipes with concrete to seal the drill holes. Temperature increases can be caused by the hydration heat of concrete. Calculations however show that these temperatures do not normally exceed 15°C. With the temperature of unset concrete reaching approx. 18°C, the temperature within the seal will be slightly more than 30°C and that is within the optimum limits.

VINYL uPVC Screen & Casing Pipes Accessories

The following accessories, adaptors and Transition fittings in various sizes and types of joints are available to complete well installation.

pipes accessories | transition fittings
upvc end cap
lifting cap on casing pipes
uPVC Wooden Clamps
uPVC Reducer Pipe Fittings
pvc top cap
centering guide of casing pipes
erosion in screen pipes


  • Due to local action and corrosive soil nature the life of tube wells is as low as two years.
  • Slot openings get enlarged and silting starts due to erosion in the screens.
  • More than 50% of slot opening is obstructed by Filtering Media (Gravel Pack) hence low permeability.
  • Screen slot widths cannot be made to suit aquifer sieve analysis for proper design of the well which cannot be avoided.
  • Metal casing and screens are heavy, thus making installation cumbersome and tedious.
  • Metal casing requires special equipments like welding sets and generator sets for assembly and erection.
  • Due to its weight, vertically cannot be maintained.
  • Vinyl Casing Pipe & Ribbed Screen Pipes are manufactured out of quality PVC compound and PVC being an inert material are totally unaffected by corrosion.
pvc well casing & ribbed screens


  • Slot openings are not subjected to erosion hence they do not offer any resistance to flow.
  • Due to the ribs on the screen are FILTERING MEDIA (Gravel Pack) is kept 2 mm away from the slot opening and this increases the permeability.
  • Manufactured with slot widths ranging from 0.2mm to 3mm to suit the aquifer sieve analysis which helps engineers to design the well to give better life and yield.
  • The specific gravity of PVC being 1.4, weight is only 1/5th of steel casing and screens. This makes it easier to handle and install.
  • Vinyl uPVC Screen Pipe & Casing Pipe are manufactured with socket and spigot ends with suitable locking, which requires no special equipments to assemble and install.
  • Vinyl CASING and RIBBED SCREENS are supplied with centering guides to maintain verticality of the well.
  • Total Installation with VINYL WELL CASING AND RIBBED SCREENS will be substantially cost effective when compared with conventional mild steel casing and screens.