Pump and Pipes supplier Must Read – Vinyl Pipes - Vinylpipe

Pump and Pipes supplier Must Read – Vinyl Pipes


If you are a Borewell Driller or a pump & pipes supplier and still using iron pipes then this blog is for you.

You must be knowing that rust is the biggest enemy of your borewell.

Use uPVC Column Pipes with Power Lock, which is rust free and have a life of 50 years

Unlike GI pipes which rusts in 6-10 yrs, Vinyl column pipes are cheaper, durable, and stronger than GI pipes and also save 20 percent of electricity bills as they do not have high frictional losses than GI pipes Manufactured with biaxial orientation they have high impact & high tensile strength Suitable for shallow and deep water-well submersible pumps.

Are you still using those old GI pipes that rust easily?

Borewell Pipe Collection

Our Vinyl Column Pipes comes installed with a patented Power lock. This power lock is constantly under axial load and it’s rectangular profile ensures 100 percent secure joint connection and even bears additional torque during operation, installation, and uninstallation.

Vinyl patented power lock with LPR ensures 100 percent leak-proof connection forever.

So, contact your nearest supplier now and protect your borewell.

Vinyl Pipes – Pipes for Life – safe for your health and better for your well.

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