Dewatering Companies are the One-stop Shop for Water Accessibility

Dewatering companies are a single source for contract dewatering, drilling, and pumping services. Experts in the field of analysis and execution, such organisations focus on devising methods for surface dewatering systems.

These organisations come with experienced staff, boasting expert domain knowledge with respect to pumping and hydraulic science. For carrying out their day-to-day operations, dewatering organisations need the highest quality of equipment to work with.

However, they face innumerable challenges in conducting their everyday tasks.

Poor Quality Products Can Disrupt Your Dewatering Landscape!

Dewatering Companies often find their pipes and plumbing fixtures discoloured due to mineral deposits from the hard underground water. Limescale often builds up in the plumbing system, reducing the water flow through the pipes. Such damage to metal pipes often goes beyond restoration.

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Are Low-Qaulity Pipes Spoiling the Repute of Your Dewatering Company?

Is your Pipe Volume Not Enough for your Dewatering Systems?

If you find any challenges with the products you have been using, get in touch with Vinyl Tubes Private Limited. Established in 1941, we have surfaced as one of the most trusted sources for all dewatering and pumping equipment.

As a pre-eminent water management product manufacturer from India, we manufacture a diverse collection of uPVC pipes and fittings used for dewatering and pumping purposes. This is because PVC and uPVC pipes are not susceptive to hard water damage.

With its eco-friendly approach, Vinyl is committed to using recyclable polymers for all of its watering equipment. Here is what Vinyl has got to offer:

1. Column Pipes

The perfect solution for accessibility and portability of water, the wide range of Vinyl column pipes provides a robust solution to all your water management needs. Vinyl Column pipes are rust free and prevent any sort of leakage in the system.

Made thicker at the threading end, these pipes compensate any material losses occurring as a consequence of thread creation. This reduces raw material consumption and high tensile strength, allowing them to have a long shelf life. Unlike the iron pipes, Vinyl’s uPVC column pipes avert the risks of collapsing of borewells.

2. Casing Pipes

Used across industries, Vinyl’s casing pipes are durable, safe, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective. These easy-to-install pipes are lead-free and heavy metal-free. Its threaded ends assure the screwing of pipes without the use of any adhesives or cement.

These economical, corrosion-resistant pipes have high impact strength with long life and require negligible maintenance. With a gravity of 1.4, PVC pipes are lightweight and easy to install. Manufactured with a socket and spigot ends (with suitable locking), Vinyl’s uPVC casing pipes require no special equipment for assembling and installation.

3. Pressure Pipes

Vinyl uPVC pressure pipes are lightweight pipes that enable easy installation. These pipes are cost-effective for they cost less than their alternatives in the market while offering high strength and durability.

Vinyl pipes are manufactured using non-reactive materials and have high resistance from the chemicals present in hard water. Ideal for discharging the drain water, these pipes are non-corrosive with a long shelf life.