What you need to know about installing a borehole

  • Mar 21,2020

What you need to know about installing a borehole

  • October 27, 2018

Water is essential for life to life. Freshwater is a fundamental resource, integral to all environmental and societal processes but it is also a limited resource and several interrelated factors are decreasing its availability. These factors include climate changes, increasing demand due to population explosion, lowered water tables and environmental degradation.

There is also the growing threat of international ( between country to country disputes over River water ) and inter-community disputes over water supplies. It is important, to manage our water resources better. We need water for many domestic and agricultural purposes. Whatever our requirements are, A source of cost-effective water is essential where it’s needed. And in vast cases, that solution is a drilling a borehole. Domestic boreholes offer a reliable alternative water supply to your property without relying on water supply from a local municipal water supply provider. You Can’t drill borehole anywhere, A proper study is needed. Here are the things to be done before Borehole drilling

Land Site Survey

A proper plan like hiring a hydrogeological consultant to conduct a site survey. They will be able to evaluate your land and establish its suitability.for example whether the borehole will provide water in good quantity and of a good quality. If your land site is suitable, Hydrologist can then recommend the best site location for the borehole and the depth of the borehole to be drilled.

Approaching Local Authorities

Once Hydrologist confirms the positive report about the land site to be used as a borehole. you should approach the Local Administration to seek authorization for drilling. In some countries like South Africa ” it’s important to point out that a person does not need any permission to drill any borehole nor to register a borehole. However, once the borehole has been drilled and water found, the registration of the water use, which in this case is groundwater, must be done depending on the ultimate usage ” (Source: Borehole Water Journal)

Pumps and pipes used in Borehole –

Submersible Pump, Casing pipes and Column pipes are used in Borehole, Water management specialist such as Vinyl Tubes Offers will be able to advise and supply you with the most suitable borehole pump and pipes for your needs.

Water Quality Check

The water extracted from borehole should undergo a water quality check. A good groundwater must have Ph between 6 to 8.5

Life of Borehole

If you use uPVC casing pipes and Column pipes and If all the boxes have been ticked, a 50-year life for the major components can be expected.


Once you start using borehole water supply, You have to ensure the proper maintenance of your domestic borehole. The borehole system will run smoothly for many years when maintained correctly. Regularly scheduled maintenance is important and compulsory.


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