Corrosion Impact on Food Chain

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  • Feb 03,2020

Corrosion Impact on Food Chain & Water Cycle

  • January 20, 2018
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    • Only metals such as Gold and Platinum are found naturally in pure form. While other metals like iron and steel are combined together with other elements. Corrosion is a natural phenomenon and nature seeks to combine together elements which man has produced in a pure form for his own use. Rust has become a biggest problem in food chain and water cycle. That results in contamination of water and food and give rise to diseases. Let us understand how rust is a biggest problem in food chain, water cycle:

      Health: Rust turns tap water to reddish brown color due to the presence iron particles that break free from sediment inside the corroded steel or iron pipes. Rusty water taste unpleasant and stains sinks and clothes. Although it is not that harmful to health but excess iron accumulation in body causes a very rare disease called hemochromatosis.

      Manufacturing Plant: Food processing industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the world. The equipment used in manufacturing industry are made of various materials that include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and iron. Where corrosion work as an enemy of many of these materials and tends to vent in technical malfunctions in machines.

      Maintenance Cost Increase: Corrosion increases the maintenance cost in manufacturing plants. Rust in equipment results in higher maintenance cost.

      Water Management Industry: Rust is a huge problem in water management industry as well. According to a report, corrosion is a main cause of water main breaks. The deterioration of water and sewer systems is due to corrosion, leaks, and breaks in iron or steel pipe. This results in unsafe and contaminated drinking water. Unlike metal piping, uPVC Pipes don’t rust or corrode over time as it does not react with air and water the way metal does. We offer Highest Quality uPVC Column Pipes, Casing & Well Screen Pipes, Pressure Pipe, SWR Pipe, Drainage Pipe and Plumbing Pipe for your water management needs.

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