Poor Water management Can Hamper Your Crop Management

Available in limited amounts on the planet, water is a renewable resource that is replenished by rainfall. With a growing population and increased irrigation, the withdrawal of water has become higher than the rate of recharge, leading to a rapid depletion in groundwater.

With such restricted water availability, it has become essential to use the available resources judiciously.

Water Management is the Need of the Hour!

Conservation and Management of water have become a necessity. Water resources need to be rebuilt with an integrated approach for efficient water usage. With growing food demand, it has become imperative to use better irrigation systems that can supply water easily and effectively.

To resolve such agricultural issues, Vinyl Tubes Private Limited has designed, developed and manufactured a range of pipes for irrigation purposes. The leading water management product manufacturer from India, Vinyl is counted upon across the globe for all uPVC pipes and fittings.

Here is how we can help you.

Streamline Your Water Supply for Irrigation

Do you always feel that there is a lack of water supply for your irrigation activities?

Safe and effective use of water is necessary for crop production on agricultural lands. For proper irrigation activity, you need an appropriate irrigation network in place, comprising of temporary as well as permanent conduits.

Vinyl Tubes has come with a solution to your irrigation problems. With Vinyl uPVC pressure pipes, you can be assured of efficient water supply from the irrigation sources to your lands. Our products are also well-suited for your pumping activities.

Have the Right Kind of Irrigation Equipment

Are you facing issues in finding the right pipe for your irrigation requirements?

Seeking proper pipes that meet your water volume, pressure and quality requirements can seem like a chore. The need of the hour is to address such problems before irrigation becomes ineffective.

To cater to such needs, Vinyl offers a diverse collection of pipes for different purposes. Vinyl uPVC Casing Pipes come with distinct properties such as durability, safety, environmental performance, cost-efficiency, and environmental performance that make them a perfect choice for agricultural use.

Make Optimum Utilisation of Resources Easy

With the depleting resources, it has become a necessity to use them wisely. We need to make the best possible use of available resources for which you need better tools. Irrigation becomes inevitable for growing crops, maintaining landscapes and revegetating disturbed soils in dry areas.

To resolve your irrigational issues, you can bring to use Vinyl’s HDPE and MDPE pipes which deliver optimum performance with zero leak rate.

Meet Growing Water Demands Generously

Has drawing groundwater become a challenge? With farmers dependent on groundwater for irrigation, it becomes a primary need to draw water from borewells. However, extracting groundwater is not as easy as it sounds. With increasing demand and depleting groundwater, the borewells are required to be dug deeper than before.

Use Vinyl’s wide variety of pipes made to fulfil extensive water management needs. Its uPVC pressure and column pipes can be used up to 1100 feet deep for groundwater abstraction.